Services & Maintenance

It does not matter how high the quality of a product is or how much you might take care of it. There are parts inside the system that are in process of carrying out a task. With time those parts develop dust and other deposits that require a thorough clean up. Similarly, your air conditioners over time might start getting dust or microorganism-based deposits as the process inside it involves filtering as well as cooling the air. Excessive humidity might result in your air conditioners containing a layer of mould that can contaminate the air and eventually cause excessive harm to you and people around you. This is potentially the biggest reason to be alert and request a regular service for your air conditioning systems. No matter its in your home, your workplace or any other place where you have installed such equipment, servicing is must. Therefore, you may need our help with keeping your air conditioner in a proper condition for its best use.

Person removing airconditioner filter
Outdoor airconditioners on gravel

Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane is not biased. A specialised services and maintenance unit is always at your service no matter if the equipment you have installed has been through Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane or not. It’s a matter of reaching out to us and we will schedule the regular servicing reminder for you. Because we understand the importance of comfort and relief when you are sure there is nothing around you that can in any way harm you, directly or indirectly. We are here to help with that by bringing a peace of mind to you at least through your air conditioning systems as the air you breathe should never have a potential for discomfort.

Even the smallest of the issues that you might consider quite negligible, could be a start of a major fault in the near future. Water leakage, excessive noise, temperature disturbance, absence of cooling even on very low temperatures and so on are some of the issues that can arise in your air conditioners signalling that it is time to call in the experts. Our team consists of qualified technicians and service experts with years of experience and a vast knowledge of the ins and outs of the complete air conditioning system’s parts and processes. It’s definitely a better option to not miss out on the servicing schedule and delay it too much.

Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane also provides a customised maintenance procedure that suits the system installed within your domain. With an annual package of preventive maintenance, the cost of servicing gets spread over the year and better prevention from system failures and eventual repair bills will get you a cost-effective solution. A complete package of maintenance and servicing consists of coil cleaning, refrigerant inspection, drain cleaning and electrical parts’ checks.

You can be sure that your air conditioning system is in safe hands and you can rest well stress free regarding an impending issue in your equipment. Leave it to us to deal with them because we are industrial experts and know the system like it’s our very own make.