Commercial Air Conditioning

Your expectations for best system that can take care of commercial needs allows Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane to come forth to meet those expectations. With plenty of experience in this, Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane brings to you the right equipment for your businesses. Vendors and Clients for Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane remain foremost, as the mutual partnership with them has led to a beneficial and continued understanding.

Leading brands like Panasonic, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi and many others have offered their highest quality products from their industries to meet the needs of the new and long-standing businesses. The extent of our understanding about your businesses and commercial places can inadvertently be the ingredient for the best air conditioning solution from Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane leading to the development of utmost trust. Not only will this allow us to better tailor your air conditioning systems to your workplace needs but also to recognize how our services would affect your workplace, employees, overall business and your customers. Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane looks for the maximum positive impact on all parties with the provision of its services.

When realising your requirements, if your consultants have it all planned out in terms of design, then Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane would gladly acquaint our services with those plans. In other case, we also offer the design that we understand would best suit your requirements.

Row of air conditioners
commercial air conditioning
Whatever your requirements are, our team is highly capable of all procedures involving split systems, duct systems, outdoor packaged systems, VRF and VRV systems. Split and duct standalone systems require installation of wall mounted or concealed air conditioning with roof mounted packages for outdoor equipment. VRV and VRF systems or Variable Refrigerant Volume systems and Variable Refrigerant Flow systems simultaneously, controls the volume and flow of the heat pumped in. It also controls the overall airflow of the system in order to ensure efficiency.

Our team follows the standard designing procedures required as well as any building codes of the in-wall/in-ceiling built systems for your workplace. All equipment and systems provided by us are installed by the most proficient technicians with a profound expertise. The installation is not the end of our partnership, as we provide complete service and maintenance provisions to all our clients for all the systems installed by our team. Along with this, a detailed report of our designs as well as the working and building plans of the systems are provided before the installation begins in order to ensure that everything is in complaint with the client requirements and thoroughly verified.

Being the leading commercial air conditioning systems provider, Air Conditioning Installation Brisbane has a history of around a decade of installations and fittings which till date are functioning in top conditions for our clients through our constant maintenance services. Our clients in Brisbane and nearby areas are all from a multitude of sectors that required our installation services including, hospitality, medical, industrial, retail and printing offices.

No project is small or big. Nothing is too challenging. It’s our knowledge and drive through which we work through all our problem statements and get you the best commercial environment in the most efficient way possible.